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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Steve Cloward Presents: Maximum Health From Exfuze Seven Plus, 7 Super Fruits From All Around The World!

Just as Explorers of ancient times have done, Brothers Rick and Don Cotton, Co-Founders of Exfuze have also done, and that is find hidden treasures from all corners around The World.

Rick Cotton is a visionary man, and brother Don has the back ground from major corporate giants like GMAC, Microsoft, and others to finally have his brother get him to join forces to create the Worlds First, Liquid Multi Botanical Dietary Supplement made from JUST the Extracts of Seven of the Worlds Finest and most Proven Super Fruits from All Around the World. With this Amazing Extract Formulation and the Seven Plus Super Fruits Fuzed Together, That is Where the came up with the Name Exfuze. Extracts Fuzed Together. First and Only of Its Kind Any Where in the World Today. The Call it Seven Plus for the Other Major Ingredients that They have Added, Like Wild Blue Berries, Blue Aguave Nector, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, and Concord Grapes.

With these incredible Super Fruits and a proprietary Delivery System, That Yields the Body Maximum Benefits, Exfuze is the Next Billion Dollar Giant to Revolutionize the Net Work Marketing Industry. This Product isn't just helping a few people that Drink the Low Recommended Daily Dose of 3/4 of an Ounce to 1 Ounce, It is helping people from All Walks of Life in so Many Different ways Health Wise it is Truly Remarkable.

Seven Main Ingredients Include: Gac, Deep Orange Spiny Fruit Harvested at The end of the Rainy Seasons Throughout SouthEast Asia: Thailand, China, and Malasyia. Acai Berry, Dark Purple Berry From the Amazon Rain Forest. Goji, Crimson Berry from the Himalayan Mountains and the valleys of Tibet. Noni, This Green Fruit was noticed over 2,000 Years Ago, its distinctive Flavor and aroma singled it out to Explorers. Taken to Polynesian Islands, where it's Healing Virtues have become part of the Cultures Legends and Mythology. Fucoidan, Rooted in the Pristine, Sparkling Waters of the South Pacific is an Astonishing Brown Seaweed. Nutrients resemble Human Breast Milk, and are said to Aid Longer Life Spans, which is seen an many Parts of Japan, as Fucoidan, is a part of much of That Culture. Mangosteen, This is considered Queen of all Fruit, and is White as Snow but not just loved for its Flavor, but for its amazing Restorative and Medicinal Properties. Sea-Buckthorn. This Golden Chinese/Russian Mountain Berry is said to have Amazing Nutritional Value, and Was Used by Warriors to Increase Strength and Viatality.

Brothers Rick and Don Cotton, used most all of these amazing Fruits to aid in Keeping their Father alive from a Terminal illness for a few Years. They created Exfuze to give Anyone from Any Walk of Like, Cultural Background, or Economic Situation to increase Ones Health and Wealth Without Limits, with the Best Direct Sales Company in the World Today. I Believe that Exfuze Gives me and All of you that Want to Change your lives in any of these areas the Ability to do so, If we will just put forth the Effort.

See, Most people that hear about Network Marketing think, just another get rich quick deal! There is no such deal out there that I have ever heard of. You see, Exfuze is not supposed to be your New Job. It is simply a Business that will start supplementing the income you have from hour Job. (J=Just O=Over B= Broke) You would all be lying if you didn't tell your spouse, Friends, or Family about Exfuze and Network Marketing in general, because there is nothing else I know of that can change your life so you are in the Top 5% of the money Earners, and can live the life of your dreams. Most of us expect that your sponsor Expects you to work full time. That is a fairy Tale. All that is required to get your Exfuze Business going is some Consistent Effort over time, and you will soon be Matching your Income from your Job, and then doing well enough that you get to choose if you quit your Job and Work full Time and your Business. One last Fairly tale is that People Don't Think when Joining Network Marketing they have literally just Purchased a Business, so they don't treat it like one and that is one of the four main reasons people fail or quit. This is a Business, and about the Cheapest one you can get for the opportunity it affords you.

With my help, and the help of the incredible System That Dave Sherwin, Dan Puttnam, and Michael Ray have put together, you can now build your Exfuze Business Faster, Bigger, and more efficiently right From your Home. Come Join me and Get the Things you deserve in life at or and Come work and make your life what you have always wanted it to be. Stop letting others hold you back, and stealing your dreams. It's time to take control of your life now, so don't wait. Visit me at the websites above, or contact me directly at or

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