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Friday, November 14, 2008

Steve Cloward: How to put the NET into NETwork Marketing !

How to put the NET into NETwork Marketing !
by Steve Cloward at

During the past several weeks I have searched the NET for the best way to build my Exfuze Business online, to take advantage of todays technology.

It wasn't long ago that the world wide web came into play for all of us to use and communicate in a short period of time.

As years have gone by we have gone from VHS, 8 Tracks, and Cassettes, to DVD's and CD's. This has allowed the Network Marketing Industry to literally be transformed, so that anyone, including you and I, can build your team faster by using these new tools that became available.

There are still plenty of people who choose to utilize the old traditional methods commonly found in "The Old Network Marketing" meetings at restaurants, hotels, etc.

I have found one of the greatest products with Exfuze that has literally changed my life, as I suffer with Crohns disease.

I was hospitalized the week after I signed up with a bowel obstruction, had major stress in my life, and my Crohns Disease was flarred up to the point I was back on 40mg of the steroid prednisone each day. I got out of the hospital on a Monday before the Exfuze East Coast National Convention at the end of April. My product showed up Wednesday and I had plans to cancel my flight to go to Orlando for the Exfuze convention due to the fact I had no energy from the hospital stay for four days. I drank about Half of the bottle of Seven Plus before coming home from work, which I just ran into cut payroll, and ended up staying until 5 30 PM and flying to Orlando for the Exfuze East Coast Launch. I have been off the medication since June 4, 2008 and have a ton of stress in my life still and Exfuze has changed my life and several members of my family. Because of the Excitement, I started working the "Hard" way that people really don't like, especially in the MLM capital of the world, UTAH. I found LightHouse Marketing Systems, Dave Sherwin, Mike Ray, and their team and what the LMS system is all about and it is revolutionizing how to build your business/Downline due to the Technology we have today. It is ever Changing and what this system offers can help you build your Business Faster, and Easier all of the World. Come Join me with LightHouse Marketing System and Exfuze and have the ride of your life and Watch Your Dreams Really come True. Be part of the 5%, not the 95%. or GET THE FUZE.

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