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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Men and Women in Uniform who I am Grateful for!

To this year of Thanksgiving I must put forth my gratitude to the Men, Women, and their families who make such a great and tremendous sacrifice on our behalf, that we all so easily take for granted. I had the honor with my brother to create a non for profit foundation called Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. back in 2004. Just after the LIVESTRONG silicone wristband craze, I decided to come up with a company to make these bands and created Fan Bandz Corp. which was a for profit company. After several weeks I felt this silly wristband had so many verticals to go after that I choose to start a 501 (c) 3 Non For Profit Entity called Bands For Freedom. Together with my brother and a good friend, and with the support of many super star athletes, and Country music stars such as Rascal Flats, Darryl Worley, Sara Evans, Sawyer Brown, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels, and countless others, along with Rulon Gardner the famous wrestler, and even the Utah Jazz Bear and Utah's own Senator Orin Hatch. Through the internet alone we were able to raise and donate to the Armed Forces Relief Trust $255,000 in just about one years time. We had the support of and it's many great people like Chris Michaels, and his assistant Ashleigh. I was fortunate to be on Dayside with Linda Vester, Geraldo Rivera Live, NBC affiliates in Chicago, San Diego, Jacksonville, Florida, and many talk shows all over the country. While in Jacksonville, we had the special opportunity to be there the day the USS Kennedy returned from the Gulf, and to witness those sailors come off that gigantic air craft carrier and see them meet their loved ones was a emotional experience I will never forget. These men and women put their lives on the line for each one of us here in this great Country The United States of America, for which we all take for granted on most occasions. These men and women are not taken care of the way they need to be, as they risk THEIR OWN LIVES AT THERE CHOICE FOR ALL OF US. You can see in one of the photos above I was lucky enough this past November 4, 2008 on election night to run into a injured marine who sacrificed his body to protect his fellow marines and children from a roadside bomb by jumping out in front of and on top of. He lost most of his site, can barely walk, and has countless surgeries. I luckily had on one of my Camo FREEDOM bands from BFF, which I rarely wear much anymore. But as I spoke to this incredible man who said he would do it all over again and go back if he could, I knew I had put that wristband on for some reason, and I needed to give it to him. To you men, women, in uniform, and your families. At this time of thanksgiving I want to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all that you do for all of us in this Great land of AMERICA. God Bless you All!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keeping It Real : The GetTheFuze Opportunity ! Posted by Steve Cloward

Keeping It Real : The GetTheFuze Opportunity ! Posted by Steve Cloward

We've all heard the saying that it's always best to capitalize on a growing market if you're in the "right place, at the right time". Unfortunately, when you hear a "phrase" over and over and over again it starts to sound more like hype and less like fact. Our ears tune out phrases like this eventually. Our brains yell "Say something original for a change."

Actually, the quote went something like this,

The right man, in the right place, at the right time, can make millions.

It's thought to be said by Gregory Nunn, although I can't find anything about Gregory Nunn. I don't know who he is. But the saying sure has a different meaning to me now.

With that being said, and let's just bypass all the corny little sayings, let me ask you this: Are you at a place in your life where you're open to learning how to successfully run and operate a business from home if you're shown exactly what methods other successful marketers are using?

eXfuze is a terrific new company on the rise as their product which is called Seven Plus is truly helping people physically. It's helping them get healthy and helping them stay healthy and more vibrant. The GetThe Fuze business opportunity is enormous and if you're a sports buff, you'll really be delighted when you see the charter members on this page. But the opportunity will always be an opportunity. We're not going to hype you into thinking the opportunity will be lost if you don't join now. We plan on sticking around thank you.

Yes, being in front of a trend is always where people make the most money very quickly, and this is where we are. We do have an amazing management team, excellent funding and the company is very dedicated to us, the distributors. But unless you are at a place in your life where you're ready to try something new. To have something better than you do now. It wouldn't matter if you were the first distributor in the company would it? It wouldn't matter if George Clooney introduced you to eXfuze.

So if you answered, "Yes" that you're at a place where you're open and willing to take a look and to learn how we build our business, excellent. The most important link on this page for you is under the giant arrows at the bottom. The link says "Show Me eXFuze Seven Plus". And if you answered "No" that's ok too! You should still try our product, so.. what are you waiting for? Visit our sites today!

To Your Success.

Steve Cloward

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Steve Cloward Presents: Maximum Health From Exfuze Seven Plus, 7 Super Fruits From All Around The World!

Just as Explorers of ancient times have done, Brothers Rick and Don Cotton, Co-Founders of Exfuze have also done, and that is find hidden treasures from all corners around The World.

Rick Cotton is a visionary man, and brother Don has the back ground from major corporate giants like GMAC, Microsoft, and others to finally have his brother get him to join forces to create the Worlds First, Liquid Multi Botanical Dietary Supplement made from JUST the Extracts of Seven of the Worlds Finest and most Proven Super Fruits from All Around the World. With this Amazing Extract Formulation and the Seven Plus Super Fruits Fuzed Together, That is Where the came up with the Name Exfuze. Extracts Fuzed Together. First and Only of Its Kind Any Where in the World Today. The Call it Seven Plus for the Other Major Ingredients that They have Added, Like Wild Blue Berries, Blue Aguave Nector, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, and Concord Grapes.

With these incredible Super Fruits and a proprietary Delivery System, That Yields the Body Maximum Benefits, Exfuze is the Next Billion Dollar Giant to Revolutionize the Net Work Marketing Industry. This Product isn't just helping a few people that Drink the Low Recommended Daily Dose of 3/4 of an Ounce to 1 Ounce, It is helping people from All Walks of Life in so Many Different ways Health Wise it is Truly Remarkable.

Seven Main Ingredients Include: Gac, Deep Orange Spiny Fruit Harvested at The end of the Rainy Seasons Throughout SouthEast Asia: Thailand, China, and Malasyia. Acai Berry, Dark Purple Berry From the Amazon Rain Forest. Goji, Crimson Berry from the Himalayan Mountains and the valleys of Tibet. Noni, This Green Fruit was noticed over 2,000 Years Ago, its distinctive Flavor and aroma singled it out to Explorers. Taken to Polynesian Islands, where it's Healing Virtues have become part of the Cultures Legends and Mythology. Fucoidan, Rooted in the Pristine, Sparkling Waters of the South Pacific is an Astonishing Brown Seaweed. Nutrients resemble Human Breast Milk, and are said to Aid Longer Life Spans, which is seen an many Parts of Japan, as Fucoidan, is a part of much of That Culture. Mangosteen, This is considered Queen of all Fruit, and is White as Snow but not just loved for its Flavor, but for its amazing Restorative and Medicinal Properties. Sea-Buckthorn. This Golden Chinese/Russian Mountain Berry is said to have Amazing Nutritional Value, and Was Used by Warriors to Increase Strength and Viatality.

Brothers Rick and Don Cotton, used most all of these amazing Fruits to aid in Keeping their Father alive from a Terminal illness for a few Years. They created Exfuze to give Anyone from Any Walk of Like, Cultural Background, or Economic Situation to increase Ones Health and Wealth Without Limits, with the Best Direct Sales Company in the World Today. I Believe that Exfuze Gives me and All of you that Want to Change your lives in any of these areas the Ability to do so, If we will just put forth the Effort.

See, Most people that hear about Network Marketing think, just another get rich quick deal! There is no such deal out there that I have ever heard of. You see, Exfuze is not supposed to be your New Job. It is simply a Business that will start supplementing the income you have from hour Job. (J=Just O=Over B= Broke) You would all be lying if you didn't tell your spouse, Friends, or Family about Exfuze and Network Marketing in general, because there is nothing else I know of that can change your life so you are in the Top 5% of the money Earners, and can live the life of your dreams. Most of us expect that your sponsor Expects you to work full time. That is a fairy Tale. All that is required to get your Exfuze Business going is some Consistent Effort over time, and you will soon be Matching your Income from your Job, and then doing well enough that you get to choose if you quit your Job and Work full Time and your Business. One last Fairly tale is that People Don't Think when Joining Network Marketing they have literally just Purchased a Business, so they don't treat it like one and that is one of the four main reasons people fail or quit. This is a Business, and about the Cheapest one you can get for the opportunity it affords you.

With my help, and the help of the incredible System That Dave Sherwin, Dan Puttnam, and Michael Ray have put together, you can now build your Exfuze Business Faster, Bigger, and more efficiently right From your Home. Come Join me and Get the Things you deserve in life at or and Come work and make your life what you have always wanted it to be. Stop letting others hold you back, and stealing your dreams. It's time to take control of your life now, so don't wait. Visit me at the websites above, or contact me directly at or

Friday, November 14, 2008

Steve Cloward: How to put the NET into NETwork Marketing !

How to put the NET into NETwork Marketing !
by Steve Cloward at

During the past several weeks I have searched the NET for the best way to build my Exfuze Business online, to take advantage of todays technology.

It wasn't long ago that the world wide web came into play for all of us to use and communicate in a short period of time.

As years have gone by we have gone from VHS, 8 Tracks, and Cassettes, to DVD's and CD's. This has allowed the Network Marketing Industry to literally be transformed, so that anyone, including you and I, can build your team faster by using these new tools that became available.

There are still plenty of people who choose to utilize the old traditional methods commonly found in "The Old Network Marketing" meetings at restaurants, hotels, etc.

I have found one of the greatest products with Exfuze that has literally changed my life, as I suffer with Crohns disease.

I was hospitalized the week after I signed up with a bowel obstruction, had major stress in my life, and my Crohns Disease was flarred up to the point I was back on 40mg of the steroid prednisone each day. I got out of the hospital on a Monday before the Exfuze East Coast National Convention at the end of April. My product showed up Wednesday and I had plans to cancel my flight to go to Orlando for the Exfuze convention due to the fact I had no energy from the hospital stay for four days. I drank about Half of the bottle of Seven Plus before coming home from work, which I just ran into cut payroll, and ended up staying until 5 30 PM and flying to Orlando for the Exfuze East Coast Launch. I have been off the medication since June 4, 2008 and have a ton of stress in my life still and Exfuze has changed my life and several members of my family. Because of the Excitement, I started working the "Hard" way that people really don't like, especially in the MLM capital of the world, UTAH. I found LightHouse Marketing Systems, Dave Sherwin, Mike Ray, and their team and what the LMS system is all about and it is revolutionizing how to build your business/Downline due to the Technology we have today. It is ever Changing and what this system offers can help you build your Business Faster, and Easier all of the World. Come Join me with LightHouse Marketing System and Exfuze and have the ride of your life and Watch Your Dreams Really come True. Be part of the 5%, not the 95%. or GET THE FUZE.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Steve Cloward Presents: Sawyer Brown VIP Concert Highlights for Exfuze

In this amazing video compilation, Steve Cloward outlines the most successful corporate event in Exfuze Corporate History. Watch Steve Cloward as he hangs out with Don Cotton, Rick Cotton - The Founder, Steve Campbell, Robert Paisola with CNN I Report , NFL Great and Hall OF Fame Member Lawrence Taylor and Gary Gagliotti. Also watch Steve with NFL Greats Eric Dickerson and Junior Iuone. Amazing... Truly Amazing! Contact Steve Cloward at and Watch the wave change your life FOREVER!!!

Steve Cloward Presents: What is Exfuze Seven Plus ?

Steve Cloward is one of the nations leading authorities on The Exfuze System. Visit and for more information!